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Our Issues

Environmental Justice: 

Advocating for a clean and sustainable energy future

Nuclear power isn’t the answer to creating a clean and sustainable future. Nuclear power is dirty and non-renewable.  It pollutes our environment and drains our natural resources, like water.  We need to stop nuclear power and to support cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. 

Protecting our health and safety by stopping nuclear power

Nuclear power is bad for our health and safety.  Nuclear power unleashes radioactive agents that cause poor health and risks our safety.  There’s still no way to store nuclear waste safely, and nuclear power plants aren’t made to withstand natural disasters.  We need to find energy sources that promote the health and safety of people.

Peace in Action:

Making government spending work for people

Military spending is outrageous.  The United States spends more on military spending than the next 15 countries combined.  These spending priorities take money away from more important things, like healthcare, employment, and education.  We need to make government spending work for people so that we all have the opportunity to lead healthy and happy lives.

Creating a peaceful world free from violence

Violence and war aren’t the solutions to conflict.  Wars destroy lives and environments, causing unimaginable suffering.  There are better ways to solve conflict that don’t cost precious human lives.  We need to advocate for diplomatic and peaceful solutions to conflict.

Political Empowerment:

Empowering people to be agents of political change

Big political decisions are made without everyday people. Politicians pass bills that force ordinary folks to face unnecessary hardships.  People need to be engaged in a comprehensive voter plan and educate decision makers about issues that impact them.

Advancing women’s rights and leadership abilities

For far too long, women have been ignored.  Women have important things to say about the big issues of the day.  Women make up over half of the United States’ population, but we hold less than a fifth of the seats in Congress.  We need to make sure that women are a part of the political process.

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