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Please make a gift to the Georgia WAND Annual Fund today.

Personal stories are a critical component to this work. When we stand up to fear and silence, we empower ourselves and build our determination, commitment, and communities around us.

Breaking silence is an important step in changing industries of oppression, such as nuclear weapons and nuclear energy. Help people tell their own stories of how the nuclear industry is directly effecting their lives.

Shell Bluff, Georgia is one, if not the only, community in the country that is sandwiched between a nuclear weapons plant and a nuclear energy plant.  Give a gift today to support leadership development, community organizing, and storytelling in Shell Bluff, GA.

Annie Laura Howard Stephens is a resident of Shell Bluff, GA, and a Georgia WAND community leader. Her activism began over a decade ago at a Nuclear Regulatory Commission hearing in East Georgia. The topic was Plant Vogtle's expansion.

"A still, small voice said to me, 'Speak now or forever hold your peace'," Annie Laura remembers. And against fear of reprisal, Annie Laura stood and gave her personal testimony.

Annie Laura Howard-Stephens: Shell Bluff resident and Georgia WAND community leader

That moment launched Annie Laura's public activism. But her personal story began 40 years earlier, when she began connecting the dots between environmental contamination, the safety and health of plant workers, and the effects of the nuclear industry on her family.

Now is a critical time to pay attention to Annie Laura's story, and to be inspired by her faith, courage, and perseverance. We must help other people in the community share their stories. We must share first-hand accounts about the deterioration of public health and the environment in this small Georgia community.

We must tell the world about Shell Bluff, GA and the rise of the nuclear industry, through the eyes of community members directly affected by it. Give today to help people tell their stories.

Why now? Because Congress is beating the drums of war. The Savannah River Site ("Bomb Plant") extracts Tritium for use in our nuclear weapons arsenal. Congress wants to modernize the entire nuclear weapons complex over 30 years for $1 trillion. Instead, we need federal money to clean up the legacy waste and to fulfill community needs, not make more bombs.

Why now? Because the Climate Talks in Paris are only a week in, and already "experts" are taking to U.S. airwaves touting the benefits of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is not "green" or "clean." Nuclear energy is expanding to four operating reactors in Shell Bluff, directly across the river from the Savannah River Site, in an area already contaminated with industrial pollution.

Community voices and stories are critical. Help get our story out to the state, regional, national, and international levels. Help end the nuclear renaissance. Help end nuclear weapons parts production. Help end the silence.

Your concern and support plays an important role in supporting Georgia WAND's leading edge work. If you've given before, thank you for showing up. We need you to stand with us today!

Your gift to Georgia WAND Education Fund will fuel our work immediately. Below is what we have in store for 2016:

  • Launching the first leg of the Whistle Stop Tour, to educate Georgians about the plight of runaway Pentagon spending, radiological contamination in Shell Bluff from nuclear weapons and nuclear energy plants, the need for women to get engaged in voting and holding elected officials accountable, and ending nuclear weapons production
  • Finalizing the program proposal with our partner, the Savannah River Ecology Lab, to recruit academic partners for a community-based environmental monitoring program and public health survey in Shell Bluff
  • Producing a video about Shell Bluff and our work, to provide a space for people in Shell Bluff to tell their stories in their own words and to build awareness about their plight
  • Educating Georgia lawmakers about SB 36, a groundwater protection bill
  • Kicking off phase one of our 2016 voter registration and education campaign at a Winter We Count! volunteer recruitment and strategy meeting and continuing our valuable partnership with ProGeorgia

Please make your Annual Fund donation to Georgia WAND right away. Your gift allows us to continue this critical work.

And if you've given before, please increase your gift! Industry boosters have profits at their back -  so we must grow at two or three times our regular pace. Thank you for your support and partnership.

Toward just, safe, and healthy communities,

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Becky D. Rafter, MPA

Executive Director

P.s. Our campaign strategy is grounded in long-sighted goals. Your generous investment is necessary for success every step of the way.

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