2015 Annual Member Meeting Photo Gallery



On Monday, October 19, 2015, Georgia WAND supporters packed a full house at our Annual Membership Meeting.

An interactive event, long-time loyals and new faces became acquainted during a lively game of GA WAND bingo. After meeting our staff and Board, Program manager, Che Johnson-Long unveiled our 2016 strategic plan.

At the end of the evening, Senator Nan Grogan Orrock of our national partners, Women’s Action for New Directions and Women Legislators Lobby, delivered high praises to the work of Georgia WAND. Overall members and staff alike left feeling informed and invigorated, and grateful to be involved with a positive and powerful community of people.

If you missed the event, but want to learn more about Georgia WAND or how you can get involved, join our mailing list here http://bitly.com/SubscribeToGaWand, like our page on Facebook, or contact Executive Assistant, Johnna Szegda at johnna@georgiawand.org.

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