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Women and Power from Fukushima to Georgia

WANDposterGeorgia WAND and Hillside International Truth Center invite you to join us as we celebrate Women's History Month and commemorate the third anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster at this inspiring event; Women and Power from Fukushima to Georgia: Sharing stories, solidarity and strategy,

Tuesday, March 11

6:30 pm doors open ~ 7:00 pm program

 Hillside International Truth Center, 2450 Cascade Rd SW, Atlanta, GA 30311

Featuring a Live video conference with Japanese women leaders, stories from Georgia WAND leaders from the Shell Bluff Community, remarks by the Reverend Richard Bright and more!


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Featured Speakers

RuikoMuto Ruiko is a long-time antinuclear activist based in Fukushima. Since the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 Muto has been involved in antinuclear activism. Muto’s faith in women and the style of movement that she has pursued seem to be deeply influenced by the course of the feminist movement since the 1970s. Some might find Muto’s trust in women’s strengths and their special bonds essentialist. There is no question that she cares about the extremely difficult situations confronting Fukushima mothers since the Fukushima Dai’ichi accident, but in her statements and activities, she is careful to honor the diverse situations and needs of women. Muto has devoted much of her time to securing the human rights and health of local residents and evacuees. She currently resides in Tamura-cho, Fukushima Prefecture, about 45 kilometers (28 miles) from the Daiichi plant.


MarikoKomMariko Komatsu was born and raised in Hiroshima up until her graduation from high school. She moved to Montreal then to Toronto and lived in Canada for 10 years as a student and school teacher. Mariko was very surprised to learn that anybody from all corners of the world knew her hometown and had plenty to say about it ~ not only related to the A-bomb destruction but also the remarkable reconstruction like a phoenix. That experience fuelled her to be positively and proudly vocal about her heritage. Having worked in Sierra Leone and various NGOs, Mariko is now back in Hiroshima and pursuing the ways to keep on the legacy of the past wars and many efforts of the citizens through Peace Education and hosting various open events where people meet and freely exchange their thoughts for peace. Project NOW! is currently her main focus where young artists and likes gather to chat and communicate their thoughts for peace and nuclear abolition in various art forms. Project NOW! has just published the art book titled “NOW”, calling to people “Switch on, Imagination”. Her next project is creating an interactive exhibition of “memories” is opening soon in downtown Hiroshima.


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