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Who We Are

IMG_6556Women’s Action for Nuclear Disarmament (WAND) was created in 1982.  A few years later, Georgia WAND was founded.  In these early days, we worked to teach people about the problems of nuclear weaponry, energy, and waste.

But after the Cold War, we changed our name and mission.  Now, we’re Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND).  We work on a lot of things to make the world a healthy and peaceful place for all.

Today, GA WAND is a grassroots and women-led organization.  And we advance environmental justice, women's leadership, equitable allotment of public resources, sustainable jobs, and peace.

Our biggest goal is to make women’s voices heard in movements against violence and militarism. And we try to get the government to lower military spending and to increase social and environmental spending.

Some of our more detailed goals are

  • Creating different ways of solving conflict that don’t need the military or violence
  • Making the government civilian-based economy instead of a military-based one
  • Cleaning up toxic waste from nuclear plants and military facilities
  • Getting rid of weapons of mass destruction and making sure that new weapons aren’t made
  • Working toward a carbon-free and nuclear-free world
  • Increasing political leadership and civic participation of frontline communities and women.

But we know we can’t do our work alone.  Make the world healthy and peaceful for everyone. Join GA WAND today!

Contact Us

Georgia Women's Action for New Directions

250 Georgia Avenue
Suite 202
Atlanta, GA 30312

404-524-5999 - phone
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